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Elaj Al Mustaqbal Story

Elaj Al Mustaqbal Medical Supplies (Future Cure) is a member of (Al-Fardouus Al-Almeya Trading) ELAJ ALMUSTAQBAL MEDICAL SUPPLIES was established in the year 2007 as a sole marketing agent for many multinational research-based medical eqipment manufactures.

Future Cure quickly grew with the boom in Saudi’s own national growth and development , diversifying and expanding into other healthcare services such as Medical Equipment,Hostpital Supplies, and Medical eqipment & materials.

Through its many years of operation and experience in the medical field,Future Cure reputation of excellence precedes its name.

A name that has come to mean undisputed market leadership in the area of medical care, unparalleled sales, and services, as well as innovative state-of-the-art technology for the medical and healthcare fields.

Future Cure is fully committed to the moderan healthcare system in Saudi and broad and through this commitment it has earned the privilege of delivering intelligent and economic solutions to the medical profession and the public.


To be a fast growing,innovative supplier to healthcare providers and to ensure customer needs with broad range of branded products while adhering to world class standards in quality, affordable cost and unparalleled consumer care.


Everyone in the world deserves the best healthcare services. Our goal is to work with medical professionals in providing innovative technology to uphold our reputation for business excellence and to facilitate quality medical care to all in serving our society.

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